Yours, Mine And Ours

1. Our current reading material. Matt is the world's biggest fan of history and current events. The man is seriously a walking news report and bearer of political banter. I found the Calm Birth book at the library a week ago and it couples quite nicely with the hypnobirthing method I've been practicing. And then of course, we have the most gigantic of books about the most gigantic of machines for Luke, which he reads approximately 16 times a day.
2. Our recent favorite snacks of choice. I am obviously the only healthy one in the group ;)
3. Our go-to movies as of late. So I know Fifa isn't exactly a movie, but that is what Matt does with all of his free time, much to my pleasure and enjoyment... sike! Here is a little confession about me: I am hopelessly obsessed with below average chick flicks -- specifically ones starring J.Lo. Can't tell ya what it is about them, but they bring me a sense of happiness similar to that of eating a huge chocolate cake. Mix one of these movies with the topic of pregnancy and I'm set! Need I explain Luke's choice of movie? A true Disney classic for boys.
What do the little details look like in your life? Would love for you to link up any of the current happenings in your world!
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