You Need a Pair of These Cozy Pajamas

Garnet Hill Pajamas
Item number sixty-seven on my adult bucket list is purchasing quality and cozy pajamas. My pajama drawer is overflowing with ragged t-shirts, splattered with various paint splotches and holes in every seam. And let’s not even begin the conversation about my pajama bottoms. #Victoria’sSecretPINKcollectionfrom2002isnolongercoolandthatsgrossyoustillwearthose
If Clinton and Stacy were still around harassing people, I would certainly be their next victim of wardrobe sabotage and shame. There would be a bonfire in honor of my rite of passage from lazy teenager sleep clothing to actual pajamas.
Matt and I ordered coordinating fleece pajama sets from Garnet Hill for Christmas. (I figured I better start with something solid and classy to get this adulting train steaming. My next step is to get them monogrammed.)
Garnet Hill Pajamas
(Matt’s pajamas here and mine here, c/o Garnet Hill.)
Good citizens of the Internet! Fancy pajamas are worth EVERY. PENNY. Do I get a better night’s sleep? Yes. Am I dreaming of stock options and doubling my 401k’s earning potential? Possibly.
I shall never return to my unkempt sleeping conditions!
I realize it’s too late to purchase your own pajamas in time for Christmas (unless you are one of those types who gets an adrenaline rush from expedited shipping), but getting a slick new pair is the perfect way to start off a bangin’ new year. We’re coming for you, 2017!
Garnet Hill Pajamas
Also, now through Christmas Eve (December 24), anyone interested is encouraged to snap a pic of themselves showing off their mittens (or gloves, or cozy winter gear) and upload it to Instagram with #StJudeMerryMittens. Each post will trigger a $10 donation from Garnet Hill to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. You can then watch the "Mitten Meter" rise, which is located on the campaign landing page at Love that we can use social media so easily to contribute to great causes.
I also want to to share a link provided by trustworthy friends where 100% of your donation goes to those suffering in Aleppo, another cause that needs to be supported, especially during this bittersweet time of year.
Garnet Hill Pajamas
In other news, the book I am currently reading is Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. It’s a collection of her favorite exchanges during her time on the advice column, Dear Sugar. It’s heart wrenching, and insightful, and funny, and I was crying by page four! (Thanks, Molly, for always getting me spot-on gifts! You know me too well.)
Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and be thinking of your word for the New Year! xo
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