Work It Out

For the past month I have been using a phone app that has helped me start running. My friend Janey and I have been meeting almost daily at 6:00 a.m. and increase our running time each week. Yesterday we started week four and it was obviously the hardest yet.  The set goes like this: Warm up for 5 minutes, jog 3 minutes, walk 1.5 minutes, jog five minutes, walk 2.5 minutes and repeat with a 5 minute cool down at the end. I made it through most of it. I had to walk some of the last five minutes but I mostly did it all. I have to admit... I hate it! I truly hate it! I really want to be one of those people who discovers running and it changes everything. My sister is this way. She has really taken off with it and even trains others. She loves it. I hate it. But I have to work out. It seems irresponsible not too. I'm going to eat chocolate chip cookies no matter what so I might as well work out and burn them off. Yesterday after my workout I literally felt like I couldn't move for most of the day. I also took an allergy pill and it completely drained me of what little energy I had left.  I finally got up some energy to start styling and taking photos of my new products and I got one item down and then... I broke my camera! It was a tragedy! I blame the running...
I managed to get this cake box photographed but I'm still a bit weary of putting it in my
etsy shop
because I'm not quite sure how to ship it. Any suggestions?
I took a picture of this box with my iphone but have to accept that I should not fill my shop with iphone pics so I put off the picture taking. My husband and I both need a camera so we did some quick research and ordered a fairly inexpensive one. We will definitely be pinching pennies harder than before for a while but what's done is done.
Meanwhile I have been KILLING it in the kitchen thanks to recipes I found on pinterest.  Monday night we had Mexican pizzas just like Taco Bell makes only with actual meat and way less sodium (I am not hating on Taco Bell, it is my cheap drive-thru go to, but seriously, what is in the meat?)  Find the super easy recipe
Last night I made one pot thai peanut past and oh man!  It was amazing. I'll admit I did not have a ton of hope for this turning out great but it was mega good.  You can find that recipe
.  I think next time I will go a little lighter on the peanut butter. Two tablespoons made it such a heavy dish.  I used pad thai style rice noodles so I followed the advice of one commenter and let my veggies simmer for about five minutes and then tossed in the noodles and simmered for about ten minutes. Ahhhmaaaazing!
This dish was yummy but also felt like it was probably high in calories. And we may or may not have gotten ice cream after... So despite hating working out and feeling like a lump on a log the whole day after running, I reluctantly put my work out clothes back on and hit the treadmill.  Last night Janey and I prayed for rain this morning. We didn't get rain but she overslept so we didn't run.  I can't say I'm sad. I hit the treadmill and walked for a couple of miles and now I will spend all day dreading tomorrow morning. But I'm going to do it. I promise I will.
If you're looking for a good playlist while working out here is what I listened to. It helped me not completely hate the experience of running.
Air War
-- Crystal Castles
Bang Bang Bang
-- Mark Ronson
Dancing on My Own
-- Robyn
-- Santigold
Got Money
-- Lil Wayne
Helena Beat
-- Foster the People
Midnight City
-- M83
On to the Next One
-- Jay Z
Shimmy Shimmy Ya
-- ODB
NowI'm off to do some non-camera related things!  If you didn't see  my interview with
Robyn Wells
from earlier be sure to check it out! Shop Cute Gift For Girl And Gift For Boy