"Will You Be My Valentime?" Printable Watches

For a brief stint in my elementary school years, I picked up the habit of calling a valentine a "valentime." It's not surprising, considering that in my toddler years I called a butterfly a "flutterby" (which actually makes a heck of a lot more sense when you sit down and think about it) and ordered "cheeseboogers" when making my Happy Meal requests. It just all worked itself out in my wee Abbey brain.
To keep up with the tradition, I made a silly little Valentine's Day printable to make with your little ones. These "Valentime" watches can be painted, colored, glittered, bedazzled ... you name it!
We colored ours and added some washi tape to the wrist bands to give it a little color, but I think gluing on some pom poms and heart candies would make for some nice watch bling. Once you are done coloring, just cut out the shapes and glue or tape the bands to the circle and fasten around your Valentime's wrist ;)
Don't I have the most handsome Valentine's in all the land? I'm a pretty lucky mama!
I love that this doubles as a darling prop watch that teaches numbers and assists in learning to read a clock. It was our Tot School activity for the day, even! To access the printable to make your own, simply click here and then print!
Happy "Valentime" making!
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