What A Pool Day With A Baby And Toddler Looks Like

Going swimming at the pool with a baby and toddler is no easy feat. Luke insisted on riding his scooter there (an entire 10 yards), and we happily obliged. He kicked his way there in only the most graceful of ways with a figure skater's poise; leg lifts, pointed toes and all. I will get a video for ya' one of these days.
So, we get to the pool and he immediately insists he rides his scooter into the pool. I was all, "Luke, do we look like the cast of Jackass? I don't think so!" Okay, so I didn't really say that to him because I don't need him running around shouting, "JACKASS!" (name that movie!) to neighbors and innocent cashiers, but that's the scenario that immediately played through my mind. My son is going to be the kid riding his skateboard off the roof into the pool. On fire. When he is five.
After we convinced him that scooters are pavement-only toys, he settled on falling in backwards and jumping in and out. The child has NO fear of the water, so his life vest has been a saving grace this summer.
(Hey, look! I finally got the swimsuit of my dreams! It's the Antigua Floral Bikini thanks to Albion Fit. The print and fit are superb, although I would go a size down in the bikini top if you are short-waisted like I am. I suggest you get one. The one piece I have is also fabulous and girly, if ruffles are more your thang.)
While Luke was busy performing water acrobatics, Wes was thoroughly entertained by his hand. Babies and stoners, man. Hands are life-changing, trippy things if you stare long enough. He literally sat there for 20 minutes waving it back and forth and touching water puddles. Cheap entertainment for the win.
But, then we all decided it would be better if we jumped in, because after all we were at a pool and they aren't just for sitting around and taking pretty pictures.
In fact, this is a very real representation of what a day at the pool with a baby and toddler looks like. Right after Wes splashed us all in the face until we were practically blind from the chlorine, Luke decided to jump on us to test our swimming skills. Good news! We passed, but barely. Note to self: beware of jumping children from all angles, and don't swim in the deep end with a baby.
After that escapade, there was dive practice and training time for Luke's special tricks with Matt. Luke is replacing all of the killer whales at SeaWorld this fall! Come one, come all! (Could you imagine a water show full of toddlers doing tricks, though? I would totally go see that. You're welcome for that brilliant business idea... just don't tell them it was me when PETA and CPS come picketing.)
Shortly after that, Matt told Luke he needed to go swim to the side because he needed a little breather, but Luke had other ideas. He promptly got out of the pool, marched over to me and said, "Daddy naaaauugghtty. Daddy talk back to Luke!" Matt and I exchanged glances and couldn't help but bust up laughing. Apparently the the chain of command in our home goes as follows: Mommy, Luke, Daddy, Wes, Benny. And even then I am rapidly becoming Number Two in command these days. Can you tell someone is going to be three soon? Send me ALL the parenting tips! I am kind of scared.
We ended our pool outing on a high note with sloppy baby kisses from Wes and a quick dip in the jacuzzi. And that is what a day at the pool with a baby and toddler consists of. All 15 minutes of it ;)
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