Ugh Not the Best Weekend Recap. #CarProblems

   Monday is unpleasantly here again. At least my body doesn't feel like it has been hit by a truck like it felt like yesterday.
   So my Saturday morning did not go as planned. I took my car in for inspection and emissions (in PA you have to do it every year). It passed the state inspection and failed emissions. FML. I did not expect to hear that especially since I had just paid $2,000 to get an important safety gear replaced. I knew my check engine light was on but I didn't think that was a big deal. It came on after I had gotten it back from Ford from being fixed but then it went off like two days later and then would come back on another few days later and then go off and so on. This time it never went back off but I didn't think anything of it because like I said, it had gone back off before. So I figured that I somehow was just hitting a sensor and it was nothing. Well I was wrong. They said two codes popped up. One said I have an EVAP leak- great. This can be an inexpensive fix or an expensive one and because Ford makes everything so much more expensive and charges close to $200 just for a diagnostic, I know I'll be screwed. The place I took it to for inspection and emissions couldn't access the 2nd code to figure out what it was because it was a code that could only be accessed by the manufacturer. So yea, now I have to take it to Ford when I have time.
   I started looking around at cars because I just want to get rid of this thing. I didn't do the best research when I bought it almost 2 years ago. I thought the Ford Focus was supposed to be a good car. It is a 2019 and in my mind, I thought the newer the car is, the better it is and less problems it will have. I was so so wrong. And after experiencing the issue that costed me 2 grand to fix, I found out on the internet that Ford Focuses aren't great cars and the newer models, including the 2019, are having lots of problems and Ford has yet to find a solution. I have no extra money after just having to replace the gear and a tire. I found a nice 2020 Nissan Sentra and was really happy because it is at an affordable price and gets great gas mileage. I scheduled a test drive for this coming Saturday but I am cancelling it because then yesterday I realized I needed to see if that specific year of that car was good. Its rating was a 4.0/ 5, which isn't horrible but it isn't great. So I'm cancelling.
   Sexy Steve was telling me about how great his vehicle is and everything, so I decided to look into what he has, a Scion xB. It is really roomy too which is great for the dogs. When Steve bought his in 2010 brand new, he only paid 11 grand. Prices have sky rocketed since then. There aren't a lot of Scion xBs available and the ones that are have way too many miles on them or are newer and almost 20 grand. I have to get a car with low mileage because I drive so much for work- apparently I traveled a tad over thirty thousand miles since last January. And I still owe a lot on my Focus. I did find a 2019 Scion xB (the 2019 got a 4.7/5 rating) that is affordable and almost an hour away. I'm just waiting to hear back from them to make sure they accept trade-ins before I schedule a test drive because I obviously need to trade in my car.
   Thankfully my mom said that if it isn't way too much to fix my car, she might help me out and pay for it. So I'm going to contact Ford today and see if I can take it there Saturday and get them to find where the EVAP leak is and what the other code means and tell me how much it would cost to repair it. This way, I could get it repaired, pass emissions, and then trade it in maybe closer to the spring. By doing it this way, I would be trading a car in that is fixed and passed emissions which will help to get more money for my car. So it is a wait and see game.
   I'm so grateful for my mom and Steve. Wow this post is ending up to be much longer than I expected. Anyway, Steve knows just how to cheer me up and we went out Saturday night to see his boss' band play and then hang out with his friend and the girl his friend is seeing/ dating- oh and met some drunk people from two separate bachelor and bachelorette parties lol. And then Steve and I finally got food. He read my mind completely and took me to a diner- I freaking love diners!!! So that part of the night was sooo much better. And then of course I drove home and as I was pulling into my driveway, my vision blacked out again and I hit a pile of snow which knocked/ took off a small portion of some type of covering or something underneath the front of my car. I'm not good with explaining car things at all. I don't think it was important though, so hopefully I am right *knock on wood*.
   Ahhh well I hope you all had a better weekend than me! What vehicle(s) do you drive and would you recommend them?
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