Trying to Control Your Temper Around Stupid People

   Trying to control your temper around stupid people. Something I have to practice pretty much everyday. This post isn't necessarily to show all the ways to do this and what to do. Sorry if you thought this was. I'm writing, well typing, this post because the people who schedule my tests at my Doctor's office are so freakin' incompetent. I know this is just a ranting post, but I need to vent right now. I just had to take a bunch of slow deep breathes and my medication I take for panic attacks/ anxiety attacks to keep the wolf at bay. The sleep study place just called me and said I tested negative for sleep apnea. No shit. I knew I didn't have sleep apnea, I was supposed to be tested for Narcolepsy! First they set up for me to have the at home sleep study and when those people called me and told me they only test for sleep apnea, I had to call my doctor's office to inform them that they do not test for narcolepsy and that I need to go to a sleep study facility to get the test for narcolepsy. Well, the idiots sent me to a sleep study facility, I did the sleep study, and now I find out 6 days later that I was only tested for sleep apnea and not narcolepsy. I am PISSED. So now I have to wait 8 days until my Doctor's appointment to talk to my Doctor. And then I'm probably going to have to go for yet another test. It just makes me so angry because everything going on with my health is serious and I just wasted my time taking a test for something I knew I didn't have and that my Doctor knew I didn't have. Well, I am going to continue taking some deep breaths and hope that + my medication + venting in this post chills me out.
Have a great day!
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