This Shop Is The Cutest

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I always get super amped when I find a cool online shop that supports small business at a crazy affordable price. Here is the equation: online shopping + handmade small shops + cheap prices = happy happy happy.
It's that simple.
This last month I was introduced to such a place called little jiji, and I can't get enough, therefore you need to be in on the scoop as well. They are an online pop-up market that sells specific items from other small shops (you should totally apply to be a vendor if you are a shop owner!) at a discounted price, however little jiji goes above and beyond. Instead of just offering a slashed price for an awesome, one-of-a-kind item, each purchase made from little jiji directly impacts the lives of orphaned girls in India suffering from all types of gender inequality and abuse.
I learned that "jiji" means sister in Hindi. Isn't the name so powerful? Think about it. We girls need to stick together and take care of our "sisters" throughout the world! The worth of every soul is great and these sweet, innocent girls need our support. You can read more about the story and amazing cause behind little jiji here.
Above are a few of my favorite items they are currently offering. These building blocks would make the perfect Christmas gift for Luke. Yes, I just dropped the Christmas shopping bomb, but hey, I have a baby on the way and am starting my shopping now! And you should too! Why not? The deals featured on little jiji only run for an allotted amount of time or until they are sold out, so if you see something you love, you better snag that puppy up. Make sure you go check out their store and current goodies here.
If you are now in love with all things little jiji like I am (which there is no earthly reason why you shouldn't be!), they have a blog and are giving away a Halloween "Boo" Banner today! Get on over and enter here! You can also follow along with little jiji on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.
Good luck and happy shopping!
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