This Second Time Around

Body pillow: c/o Bump Nest
Pregnancy this second time around is incredibly different than the first. And in a beautiful way.
Sometimes I feel guilty because I am not writing down each and every experience like I did with Luke, nor am I reading 10 books and receiving 5 baby growth emails per day in an effort to understand every single change my body and baby endure. But, I think there is peace in that. Instead of letting pregnancy paranoia take over in every single thing that happens making me feel the need to read 20 articles about it, I am just letting my body grow and feel and experience.
The time seems to slip away faster and faster every day with this baby. Chasing Luke around and being a mama definitely helps that time fly by in a flurry. This bambino will be greeting us in just 2 short months! When did that happen? Matt and I were talking about it last night and he put it into perspective. In the time it has been from the 4th of July to now, we will have a baby. I feel like that holiday happened 2 weeks ago (I guess I better start packing my hospital bag!). Time is such a funny, fickle thing. And oh so precious.
Again, because of keeping busy with a toddler, I don't feel as tired or have time to whine and complain about every ache and pain that comes with a bulging center. Don't get me wrong, I love a good pity party (especially because they often lead to a glorious foot massage), but they are few and far between compared to the first pregnancy, much to Matt's pleasure I'm sure.
The round ligament pains, Braxton Hicks, and growing belly all have made their appearances earlier. I love that my body knows what to expect, and am banking on that for the labor and delivery to be smooth and seamless.
Most of all, I am anticipating baby boy's birth with joy and calmness. I know what to expect this second time around and feel amply prepared and empowered. The role of bringing a soul into this earth is sacred. This child in my womb is in a place between heaven and earth. I am grateful to be blessed with the title of mother. It's the most noble and magnificent thing I will ever do.
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