This Face

This face. This face!
I am just going to take the next minute to gush about how much I adore this kid. This is what I greet when Luke wakes up from his naps. It starts with little chirps and odd babbling, and then I sneak in and his face lights up, causing my heart to spark on fire.
I live for that light this hooligan brings me.
I love how Luke's smile radiates from corner to corner, and crinkles those twinkly eyes into little almonds. And those expressive faces. Whether that darned tongue is sticking out of his mouth or formed into an inquisitive little "ohhh," he wears his emotions on his sleeve (like someone else I know) and his personality is expanding by leaps and bounds by the day.
And to think that I get another one of these handsome devils. I couldn't be more blessed! I've said it before and I'll say it again -- I'll take twenty more, please.
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