Things I Need to Get Done This Week

   I seriously have so much shit I have to get done this week. It may not seem like much but if I tell myself that, then I'll keep pushing it off until the last minute and it will pile up and I'll get even more stressed and then it probably won't get done.
   Things I need to get done this week (and not in this order and doesn't include the usual crap I have to do every week):
Paint my nails- I haven't done this myself in a while and I just think I should paint my nails for Valentine's Day even though I have no idea what Sexy Steve and I will be doing b/c he doesn't plan things. I did finally ask him if we were going to see each other on Valentine's Day and he said yes, which I kind of figured since it is Valentine's Day and it is on a Saturday and we pretty much almost always hang out Saturday night when he is off work.
Freakin' decide what I am wearing on Valentine's Day! Oh you have no idea how close I was to ordering an outfit online this past weekend for Valentine's Day. I have been trying to make sure I don't because I have plenty of clothes and I don't know what we are doing exactly, and I am trying to save money a little bit- plus my car has been having expensive repairs done to it even though it is only a 2012- lucky me. The big thing that made me not go through with purchasing something this weekend was because at that point, it most likely wouldn't arrive in time for me to wear on Valentine's day and there was no way in hell I was going to pay for two-day or next-day shipping.
Buy the ingredients for
cupcakes and actually make them Friday night. My sister is supposed to make them with me but she is a teenager so who knows if she actually will.
Make or buy a Valentine's Day card for Steve and get a bag and tissue paper to put his present in.
Get the repairs done to my car (I have an appointment scheduled for today and dropped my car off there last night, so I can't really avoid that one).
   Ok so I think that's all of the extra things I need to get done... I think. Is it seriously only Tuesday? Uggggh.