The Freakin' Weekend

Outfit details || Me: Top: LOFT. Boyfriend Jeans: LOFT. Sandals: Payless. | Luke: Top: H&M. Jeans: Target. Sandals: Saltwaters.
Clearly our weekend was thoroughly enjoyed if you are basing it on the bounteous amount of pictures we managed to snap. I get a bit camera-happy when I'm in good spirits. It's like our camera is a mood ring of sorts. No pictures lately? Oooo, Abbey is crabby -- watch out, people! Shield yourselves from the venomous stares and the fire she spews! Photo dumping for days? Abbey is on cloud nine and her hormones are treating her kindly (I feel like Matthew McConaughey from The Wedding Planner right now, you know, how he refers to himself in the third person when he is upset? Although mine is like the reverse).
So, basically our weekend was Alpha ++.
Luke fulfilled his lifelong dream of watching trains go by that were close enough to blow back those wispy blond hairs. This belly of mine decided to double in size and be our tour guide as we aimlessly strolled through the streets of our small town, with no time constraints or directions dictating our every move. We lived in the moment, for the moment. No more, no less.
Can I just tell you how much I adore these boys?  I don't know how life dealt me this royal flush of a hand, but I've pretty much got it made. I count my blessing about 500 times a day for these gents I call my own, and can't wait to add another little handsome to the mix.
Life is good, folks. Life is GOOD.
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