Terrible Tuesday. Dream vs. Reality

   Well, I woke up late. 3 hours late. Lovely.
   Not sure what happened exactly. I use this app that tracks my sleep, the amount of sleep I got, and the quality of sleep. It wakes me up when I am supposedly sleeping my lightest/ most awake in a thirty minute time frame between the time my alarm is set and 30 minutes prior. That was a little difficult to explain and my description sounds a little confusing. Sorry about that. When the alarm goes off (before the time I set my alarm to go off), I pick up the phone and put it back down and it goes off again when the next time I'm sleeping my lightest by the time I set my alarm for. Well, I must have hit buttons or something or turned it off in my sleep or something. But I do know it wasn't sleep paralysis this time. My Mom also usually calls me about 30 minutes after I am supposed to wake up but she took off this whole week because she is moving into her new house and has to paint and stuff and did the settlements and process of moving the stuff in yesterday. So she won't be calling me this week, which is fine and understandable.
   I also have a hearing impairment called Low Tone Deficit where I can't hear low tones or if people talk softly and stuff.
   And lately, it has been difficult to distinguish a dream from reality. I'm still "stuck" in my dream but can still hear my alarm and will turn it off or something in my sleep.
Has anyone else experienced this?
So here is what I remember of my dream: My Mom took me to gymnastics and my age was somewhere between 16 and 18 maybe? I made friends and was just trying to improve my upper body strength or something for dance. I havn't done gymnastics since I was like 5 or 6 years old or something. And we were at the place where I took gymnastics. And afterwards, my Mom asked me if I was pregnant and I said no, that my lower stomach has always had that "bulge." This is true, that is the most difficult place to get rid of fat.
   I probably had a dream including something about dance because dancing and teaching/ choreographing was a part of my life for like 15 years and I had briefly discussed it while getting tattooed by Don Peddicord last week. Don't know why the gymnastics part was included but in my dream, I was going there to improve myself for dance, so I guess that makes sense. And the pregnant part is probably because I have been having baby fever for the past few weeks lol.
   Well, this definitely makes today's post more interesting than yesterday's post.
   I hate being late. I get so mad at myself but this morning I was just like "whatever" because I woke up late and there's nothing I could do about it now and I just had that not giving a shit attitude.
   What I hate more than my hatred for being late is how people treat me at work when I'm late. They think that I got a great night's sleep and feel rested and ready to be productive. WRONG. I don't feel like I got extra sleep, I don't feel productive, and by you people saying that and thinking that, just pisses me off even more. I don't ever get restful sleep so get over it people!
R.I.P. Oscar de la Renta
   Well, I'm tired as fuck and can't type anymore.
How much can a parent gift a child