Taking Stock

I like to think I am generally a positive person and try to look for the beautiful in life, but every single day is definitely not peachy keen and sunshine and rainbows. If it were, I would be concerned because life is meant to be convoluted at times, and hiccups along the way are part of the process. I am actively searching to find the joy and light in those tough moments and testing days, and I decided to take stock in the thick of real life.
Making: the bed, only to climb right back into it. Am I the only one that does that?
Cooking: nothing, and that's okay.
Drinking: milk, because it is an excellent companion to cookies.
Reading: a vintage book of selected essays from Emerson and having my eyes opened to his incredible perspective on life.
Wanting: peace and quiet. I would not mind a trip for one to a tropical location with a fruity drink awaiting my arrival.
Looking: for my food processor. Haven't been able to locate it since we moved, which just further convinces me that there is in fact a black hole trailing me.
Playing: Angus & Julia Stone, Frou Frou, and Pixies (s pecifically "Where Is My Mind?") because that's what I do when I feel angsty.
Wasting: tons of ink trying to get my calligraphy pen to work.
Sewing: a black jumpsuit. And then a fabulously girly dress next.
Wishing: it would cool down already. I am sick of this 90 degree weather.
Enjoying: quiet time with a cup of tea.
Waiting: for family to come visit.
Liking: the direction things are taking, even amidst my low points.
Wondering: what Gwen Stefani will wear during the entire season of The Voice. She is the queen in my book, and can do no wrong!
Loving: how well Luke and Wes play together.
Considering: a pastel ombré like Lily Allen's. Temporary, of course. I'm this close.
Hoping: I will sleep soundly tonight.
Marveling: at the murder of crows (yes, that's the term for a flock of them) that are flying around outside. The evening sky literally looks like a scene from The Birds every night around dusk. It's a bit creepy, but enthralling.
Needing: a shower.
Smelling: B.O. because of the aforementioned sentence... yeah, I know. It was a hot and sweaty day that involved lots of tears and an absence of bathing.
Wearing: A tank top with no bra and no pants. I'm on it with the TMI today!
Following: Dallas Clayton's Instagram and soaking up all of the goodness and energy he propels into the world.
Noticing: I need to unwind.
Knowing: this phase in life is fleeting and trying to soak it all in.
Thinking: a million thoughts that constantly race in my mind. It's both a blessing and a curse.
Buying: food all the time. It is incredible how much boys eat. I always thought having boys would be less expensive, but I am pretty sure the grocery bill with boys evens out to all of the extra crap girls buy.
Feeling: stagnant. I have so many things I want to do, but not enough time.
Bookmarking: potty training articles and tips. The time is nigh!
Opening: mail and bills. The mailbox is a lonely, little place most days with the slew of junk mail, which then makes me frustrated because of the amount of wasted paper filling the public's mail that is most likely not being recycled. I wish writing letters the old school way would take junk mail's place and become a trendy throwback to the old days, like vinyl records. Snail mail and stationary are definitely things I could get into. (As long as everyone is recycling, of course.)
Giggling: at nothing. I'm giving the word "giggle" the biggest side-eye right now. Tomorrow I will giggle.
Feeling: sensitive and vulnerable. And wanderlusty. Santorini, I am calling to you!
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