Style That Bump

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Happiest of Mondays to you!
Here is the second round of Style That Bump, where we give you maternity style inspiration and show you how to wear five different looks.
This week I had work wear. Well, my job is to be a SAHM, but if I did go to work I would wear high-waisted dresses all the days long. They accentuate the bump in a cute way and don't cut ya right in the gut. Also, this style of dress can grow with the bump (although it may be a little short in the very end, but who really has time to worry about such piddly things?). You can see more of my dress in this post here, because yes, I used recycled photos since Luke had a fever and cough all weekend. I was about 14 weeks in these photos in case you were wondering (I told you high-waisted dresses do wonders to dress the baby belly!).
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