So Long, Golden Baby Locks

This is the story of Luke's somewhat tragic, yet adorable haircut. Tragic in the sense that those silky, blond locks no longer spring wildly from his head into delicate curls. Adorable in the fact that this big boy haircut is regal, refined (a "what would George Alexander Louis do?" if you will) and makes him look sweeter. That untamed mane of his made him look a tad bit wild, but now he is practically ready to take on the workforce!
It seems that our annual summer trip to Heber also doubles as an annual haircutapalooza. Remember his haircut from last year? Now that one was gut-wrenching and painstakingly sentimental. I absolutely shed a few tears over that hair snippage, but this time it was a breeze. Although, it was touch and go there for a moment.
My mom began with the front, and my eyeballs must have looked like saucers. I thought to myself, "Oh crap, she is giving him bangs, a mullet, and a bowl cut all in one! A strange hybrid of a Moe and Larry!" I kept the faith, though. I mean, the woman has been cutting boy hairs since 1967, for crying out loud! What harm could she do? And, in true Grandma Marie Fish form, the final product is practically perfect in every way.
Thus, I give you a before and after in pictures. The first few pictures are of Luke asking Uncle Todd to do "pop pops" where you can see the fear in his hair-covered eyes as he clutches the post for dear life. Boys, I tell you. Love firecrackers from the beginning! Then we have one of Luke showing off his musical prodigy capabilities. Then there are the final long-locked photos of Luke running aimlessly through the yard at 6:30 am (why, no, I haven't gotten any sleep this trip... thanks for asking!). For the grand photo finale there is the haircut experience, some pictures of my mom's hair and my hair for good measure since we are talking about hair, the most darling photos of Luke expressing his gratitude to grandma for a job well done, and a stink face for mommy.
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