Second Guessing a Name

   Ugh, you guys!!! I have been seriously second guessing the name we have chosen for this little girl for like the past month. Violet Jameson is beautiful but I just don't know and it is driving me (and Jesse and my family) CRAZY!!! We already bought a "V" ornament and my mom already got all of her grandkids elves with their names on them (including Violet), and the pregnancy stat canvas chart my mom ordered for my baby sprinkle has the name "Violet" on it. So that drives me even more insane b/c we already have crap with the name on it. I think maybe I am second guessing it so much b/c this is our last baby?
   Ever since I heard (well, read) the name "Reese Everleigh", I was obsessed buuuuut Jesse hates both Reese and Everleigh. For the past month, "Reese" kept popping up in my head and no matter how many times I mentioned it to Jesse, he says he hates the name (guess I'll just have to settle for naming our next dog Reese). And then this morning on the annoyingly long snowy nerve wrecking ride to drop Rory off at school and to go to work, "Rhylan" popped back into my head. It was originally on our list. A few days ago Jesse mentioned that he likes the name "Riley" and liked it better than "Violet". I'm not crazy about the name Riley. It is cute and all but I can't see us having a daughter named Riley. Buuuuut with the name Rhylan, he could call her Riley as a nickname!
   So I've been texting my mom, my younger sister and my cousin driving them nuts b/c of this whole name thing driving me nuts. If only my husband didn't work night shift and was awake right now!!!
   Now, with Jesse, if you tell him a name, you usually have to pair it with a middle name to seal the deal. For example, I wanted this one's first name to be Jameson. Jesse said no. But then I come up with Violet Jameson and he likes it (he said no to every other name I paired with Jameson except Jameson Jett but I'm not crazy about that name anymore). Sooo what about Rhylan Jameson McAward? The only thing that bothers me is that they both end in "n" and it kind of makes it sound weird. What about Rhylan Reese McAward? I think Rhylan Reese sounds cute but not perfect and Jesse would probably shut it down b/c he hates the name Reese (I like Jameson Reese too but I don't know).
   So then what about Rhylan Violet McAward??? By using Violet as her middle name, it wouldn't be totally bizarre for her to have some stuff already with the name "Violet" on it. Now I know Rhylan Violet doesn't sound great but when you pair it with her last name, it kind of works- right? Or am I totally crazy?
   Well, if you see a name change post, then you know that we have changed this little girl's name but if you don't see one, then Violet Jameson it is and forever shall be!
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