Refashioning Your Scarves

 Scarf: c/o Brickyard Buffalo. Tee: Target. Boots: Kohl's. Purse: c/o Hearts. Hat: Target. Sunglasses: Free People.
A heaping pile of scarves in various prints and colors sits next to all my handbags and accessories. I love a good scarf since they can bring an otherwise minimal and drab outfit a punch of color, however I get a little bored just wrapping them around my neck and am constantly wondering how I can freshly style them.
With the whole kimono trend thing going on, I thought to myself, "I can wear my scarves draped as a shawl to resemble the kimono!" It was a really profound moment for me, guys ;) It's particularly great paired with a 9 month baby bump because it's lightweight and covers those extra lady lumps I've managed to grow in the last few weeks.
The Aztec print scarf I am wearing is especially spectacular because the print is fun and the colors are perfect for fall. You can snag it right now at Brickyard Buffalo, the queen of pop up markets. Be sure to stop by today as all the items are listed for only a few days at a great discount (Christmas shopping, anyone?) and are good as gone once they are sold. Bonus! Brickyard Buffalo is offering free shipping this entire week, so all of the items are at an even better price when you factor that discount in. I'm thinking I might need to pick up this monster print for the boys' room and probably this acorn garland, too.
Now while you folks hop on over to shop, I think I might hop on over to the doc. These Braxton Hicks contractions are starting to get a little gnarly... !
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