Pretty Little Liars

   Yay, it is finally furidayyyy!!! So excited even though I have a big to-do list this weekend. So a lot of shows have just had their season finales and a lot of shows are starting back up in the next 3+ days. Who is ready for the new season of Pretty Little Liars on June 8th?!?!?! Can you tell how excited I am?
How much can a parent gift a child
   I am probably reading into this waaay too much, as usual but something just happened that reminded me of PLL. Anyone who has read the books or follows the show knows that the "villian" refers to herself or himself as "A". So anyways, I emailed my timesheet in today since it is due today and the payroll person's name starts with an "A". She usually signs/ ends her email with her name. Well today, she signed it with "A". Coincidence or not? I really am probably just reading into it too much but who knows? Maybe she watches the show?
   So in spirit of the season starting back up, I thought I'd share some Pretty Little Liars pins off of Pinterest.
   Have a great weekend!