Poway Farmers' Market

This last weekend we ventured out to a real farmers' market with our friends since we had lots of practice with our pretend one and had a hankering for some fresh bread and fruit. If you live in the San Diego area and haven't been to the Poway Farmers' Market, you must go! Especially if you have a brood of boys. It is held in the downtown area, where they offer little train rides and a bunch of historic shops and old trains to look at.
The food was delicious. Blueberry scones topped with sanding sugar, basketfuls of warm baguettes, cheese stuffed croissants, fresh berries and greens stacked precisely in woven baskets, and quality jams and spreads. I even got a tub of beet hummus! That stuff is as delectable as it sounds, and it's pink! (So it makes it even better, obviously.)
We will be back to the Poway Farmers' Market soon!
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