Patagonia Riding Boots Giveaway

Boots: c/o Patagonia. Denim Shirt: Target. Tee: Target. Denim: c/o Isabella Oliver (on sale). Hat: Anthropologie. Watch. UO.
Fall is in full swing and you probably are thinking about all your boot options for the fall and winter season. There are so many choices!
First, there is the most popular ankle boot, which may be even trendier than that pumpkin spice drink in your hand. Then we have the over-the-knee boot that I am still convinced only lanky supermodels look good in. Of course there is the rain boot, particularly the Hunter boots (these have only been on my wishlist for oh, say, 2 years!), that will always and forever be great for mucking around in. And then we have the good ole', mid-calf riding boot -- it's a classic, really. You know, your trusty leather boots you can always count on to tuck your jeans into, pair up with some knit boot socks, or just keep your footsies and legs from freezing on a blustery winter day.
Oh, you don't have such a pair of beloved riding boots? Well, mope no more, my friends. Today is your lucky day. You can enter to win your very own pair of Patagonia Tin Shed Rider boots! There are three color options to choose from, and these babies are the real deal. Every other pair of riding boots I've owned have been of the cheaper variety and inevitably have been tossed in the trash after a season because they start to peel, crack and lose their shape. Retailing at $229, you can bet your bottom dollar that these boots will last you for decades. Truly. They are 100% leather, water resistant, and totally solid, true to the Patagonia outdoor aesthetic, and I am pretty sure I could scale a mountain in them with the amount of grip and support they provide, all while maintaining a sleek look. Oh, and if you haven't noticed by now, I have the beefiest calves east of the Pacific and they fit perfectly since they have an angled topline for us gals with thicker legs (no over-the-knee boots for this mama!).
Sounds like a boot dream, right? Enter to win in the widget below. Good luck!
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