Our Third Baby Gender Reveal!

Our Third Baby Gender Reveal - Along Abbey Road
YOU GUYS! I finally put together our third baby gender reveal party video!
You want to know the truth? We’ve known what we are having since I was 12 weeks, and I currently am rounding the corner to 19 weeks. But I am so happy to finally announce it here! With a video to memorialize this special moment with our family, no less!
We took a vote with family and close friends, and the majority guessed girl. (Which you will see in the middle of the video.) I also made cute baby onesie sugar cookies to share with everyone.
Our Third Baby Gender Reveal Party - Along Abbey Road
We put a pink balloon in one box, and a blue one in the other. My darling sister-in-law had the honors of opening the envelope and setting the appropriate box in front of us.
Any guesses on what the baby is before you watch? Okay, fine. I guess you can go peek now.
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