Our Switch From No Co-sleeping To Pro Co-Sleeping

I have some super exciting news! The fabulous parenting website, What To Expect, asked me to write a blog article for them, and I will admit, I had to peel my jaw up from the floor when they reached out. I know I don't write my brains out on here like I could (or perhaps should?), but writing is such a freeing outlet for me and it's my pipe dream (that I hope to turn into a realistic one) to be a legit writer. Obviously, this was is huge to me.
So, what did I write about? Well, when Wes was born we made the change to becoming a co-sleeping family. There's a whole bunch of sentiment and emotions and repressed feelings mixed up in there, and you can read all about it and why we decided to make the switch here.
What are your thoughts on co-sleeping? I know it is a controversial topic in the world of parenting, so I would truly, honestly love for you to share it and leave your feedback!
Also, I just want to give you a big, warm cyber hug for coming back every day to read my blog and build a friendship with me. You hooligans are such a wonderful source of inspiration, and even if I don't get the chance to respond to every comment, please know I appreciate all of your words and I love you!
Have a marvelous weekend, friends!
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