Oh My God, Pound Puppies!

   So I just had to announce that Petsmart is selling Pound Puppy toys for dogs and they are on sale for under $5, but I think they are originally only $5 anyway. I loved Pound Puppies as a kid. Is it weird that I'm so excited about this??? I know, I'm a crazy dog mom. I think I'm more excited for the Pound Puppy dog toys than the CareBear ones they came out with last year (I think last year?). And what is even better is that when you buy a Pound Puppy dog toy, a percentage of that money goes to animal charities. Ahhh I am so excited to go to Petsmart this weekend and checkout if my location has them in stores yet! I mean, I have to go to Petsmart this weekend to pick up some dog treats, so I might as well check to see if they have the Pound Puppy toys.
   Alright, Alright, Alright, I'll stop acting like a little kid now.
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