Oh Joy!

oh my goodness gracious, you guys! i have been super anxious about the new
Oh Joy!
line and it's finally here! it hit most stores on sunday but our target got the line yesterday.  i cannot believe how lucky i was to score some amazing pieces including the cake stand that i've been coveting since i first saw pictures of the collection.  i got cups, a reusable shopping bag and noisemakers, as well.  there was a green pitcher and a tray i really wanted but my wallet was telling me to take a break. i also picked up a few other small goodies (not party of Oh Joy) including a couple of kaleidoscopes, washi tape, pencils and a hot pink honeycomb ball because... duh.   i had a gift card that i was saving for summer clothes but i think this was more appropriate. i need a good guilt-free shopping spree and it came at a perfect time. Shop Gift For Girl And Gift For Boy
the best thing about this collection is how inspiring it's been. i have always wanted to be able to design my own products (i know that i technically do that now but i mean in a larger, licensing to places like target, kind of way) and seeing all these beautiful things from a gal who blogs and creates for a living really motivates me to work so much harder to achieve my dreams.  i am happy to surround myself with these colorful reminders that success really can happen with lots of hard work.
now i need to throw a party. i could make a cake... !
check out all the goods on the Oh Joy blog
Shop Gift For Girl And Gift For Boy
sweet dreams.