Oh, Disneyland

The magnetic pull of the magic of Disneyland caught hold of us, even all the way down in San Diego. We attempted to fill the void this last year with season passes to SeaWorld, but to no avail. I mean, the absence of those glorious, beastly corn dogs alone can make your heart ache and yearn for the goodness of the Disney life. Our hearts belong to the happiest place on earth, annual passes and all (here is our moderate to severe obsession with Disneyland in past days seen here, here and here).
And Luke in that Mickey hat that I posted on Instagram? Frame-worthy. It's clearly a natural habitat for us. 
I would also like to take another parent brag moment to say I am thoroughly impressed with Luke's prowess on all things cookie. The chocolate dipped gingerbread man does not mess around. Thanks for tipping me off on that one, Luke RoRo. You know how to make your sweet tooth of a mama proud!
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