Newborn Essentials

Clothe: Swaddle Blankets. Long-Sleeve Onesies. Mittens. Socks. Pacifiers | Feed: Breast Pump. Bottle Set. Nipple Cream | Diaper: Pocket Diapers. Prefold Diapers. Snappi Diaper Fasteners. Ointment. Wipes | Bathe: Blooming Bath. Body Wash. Lotion.
To say I've simplified my newborn essentials list is an understatement. With the first baby, you have no idea what to expect and generally over-plan and over-buy. At least I did, anyway.
This time around, I know what I like and am attempting to keep my life as simple as possible. I've compiled my favorite, trusted products and a few new ones I am going to try (enter the Blooming Bath!).
I learned with Luke that dressing up a newborn is kind of, totally, completely futile. Sure, the clothes are fun to buy, but they just seem so uncomfortable! And my babes are swaddled 90% of the time, so this time around we are sticking to our basics: onesies, socks, mittens and a blanket. After all, they are only tiny for so long and I want to soak up all that newborn yumminess this time, and try not to dress him for a day in the Hamptons (at least not for a few months).
My breast pump saved my life when I engorged with all that glorious milk for the first time, and I totally recommend the Medela breast pump and bottles. Yes, they are a little spendy, but amazing.
Luke's skin is incredibly sensitive so I swear by the Baby Bee products. The ointment is an excellent replacement for Vaseline for protecting the circumcision those first few weeks, and it doubles as an excellent diaper rash cream.
Doesn't the Blooming Bath look amazing?! A friend told me about it and I am dying to try it out. Looks so comfy. Do they come in adult sizes? ;)
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