My Birthday Weekend

1. Luke giving Wes kisses before we head off to Disneyland.
2. Riding the "horshes."
3. Teacups with Daddy for the 539th time.
4. Feeding the ducks and learning about Tom Sawyer's island.
5. Teacups again, with a few "ta-das!" thrown in the mix.
6. Our first Disneyland family photo.
7. Space Mountain. We're clearly M.F.E.O.
8. Birthday breakfast crepes.
9. Nanny snuggles at Moonlight Beach.
10. Wes attempting to convince us he may be a redhead.
11. We're a couple of peas in a love pod.
12. Celebratory birthday jumps in a golden sunset to bring in my golden birthday right.
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