My Baby Is Breech

And I am feeling overwhelmingly defeated.
Today marks 35 weeks on the dot, and yesterday's checkup confirmed baby boy still hasn't budged. His darling little head is wedged up under my right rib, precisely where he was two weeks ago.  The panic is beginning to set in, because I only have one week left before our odds really plummet. Only 3-4% of babies are in breech presentation by 36 weeks, and after that point it is highly unlikely they will spontaneously turn on their own. I am trying to maintain a positive vibe, but inwardly I am completely and utterly flipping out (pun intended).
As for techniques to flipping the little fellow, you name it, I've probably tried it. Acupuncture (moxibustion), chiropractic adjustment, downward dog, pelvic tilts, laying upside down, ice packs and heat pads, playing music low on my belly... Luke thinks I'm crazy with all of his wonky, side-eyed glances as I spend the good portion of our mornings in some sort of upside down position. Come on, gravity! I'm counting on you!
Let's talk about getting adjusted for a quick minute. My brother-in-law is a physical therapist and is trained in adjustments and all that lovely stuff that makes your back shiny and spiffy. While we were in Arizona last week, he helped a sista' out and cracked and popped everything back into place. And guess what? My right leg was 1 inch shorter than the left because my SI joint was so off balance. ONE INCH! That is enough to make a pelvic floor angry. But, apparently my newly realigned pelvis isn't tempting enough to get baby boy to drop his head down. Sigh.
Then there is the acupuncture and moxibustion (pictured above). I am an ecstatic fan of this approach, and crossing all fingers and toes that it does the trick. One of my best gal pals is in med school and has been feeding me article upon article about this technique and anything related to breech presentation, so I am feeling optimistic. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my picture of my moxa stick, which I think is the smelly equivalent to bong water. Hey, it's good to get a little pseudo-rebellious every once in awhile, right? ;)
The last and final attempt we will make to spin this bébé is ECV. Have you tried this before? Did it hurt? I am a teensy tad nervous, but would rather exhaust all my resources to get him flipped before we opt for a c-section, which leads me to my next question...
Who has had a c-section? What was your take away and experience with it? I was so amped to have an unmedicated, natural birth and am already feeling robbed of it with the likelihood a c-section may have to happen. And that's only the beginning of my worries. I am really great at inducing my own full-blown panic attacks in medical situations, and I've made the mistake of reading people's horror stories with c-sections gone wrong on those awful birthing forums. The whole sensation of not being able to tell if you are breathing from being numbed to your neck? Ummm, that's not going to set well with me. I can already guarantee that. Does it always feel like that? And what about those people that claimed they could feel the incision? Eeep! Please, please, please reassure me, mamas! I would like to hear your positive, successful stories.
So yeah. Keep Baby Número Dos in your prayers that he will impress us all with his acrobatic abilities and spin head down in the next week! And overall, I am truly overcome with gratitude that he is strong and healthy and that this is the only small issue I have to worry about. We are very blessed in that regard and can't wait to meet him in a few short weeks, no matter his choice of dramatic entrance into this grand world!
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