Mo' Problems

   Gooooood Morning! We just have to get through today and get through tomorrow and then it's the weekend. Hallelujah! Sorry about my rant yesterday. So my bed and new mattress got delivered yesterday and guess what? The dumb delivery people didn't bring all the hardware. So my bed was not able to be put together. They also think they threw the hardware away. So now I have to wait until the hardware arrives at my house and then call them and find out when they are available to come out and put my bed together. What a headache! But I stayed calm b/c there was no point in getting worked up and flipping out. It is what it is and although it pissed me off, there was nothing I could do.
   Now onto something that is more important. I read an article on
Yahoo! Health
the other day. It was one that I can relate to. It is titled, Mom's Open Letter To Handicap Parking Shamer Reminds Us That 'Ghost Illnesses' Deserve Respect. Basically, a 20 year old who has Lupus has a handicap parking sticker/ tag and used it to park in a handicap spot at CVS- like she has every right to do. Well some ignorant person left a note on her car saying that she should be ashamed and that she shouldn't take up a handicap spot that is for someone who is actually disabled and suffers.
   It is people like this ignorant woman that makes it more difficult for people with invisible illnesses/ invisible disabilities to get the right help and be recognized as having an actual disability. I can't tell you how many people I encounter and have encountered that think I am fine and that I have nothing wrong with me. I deal with so many people like this at my job and it makes it that much harder. But I put on a face, try to ignore the ignorance, and try to do my job. Just because I "look" ok doesn't mean that I am. There are so many people out there that suffer from invisible illnesses. I just hope that if any of you meet someone with an invisible illness, you take them seriously and just try to understand. I also hope that in the future, more Doctors do more studies on these illnesses and gain more experience and knowledge with them.
   Well, that's all for now.
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