Melodramatic Mondays and Invisible Disabilities Week

   Did I ever mention how much I dislike Mondays? Mondays and I don't usually have a positive relationship.
   This weekend was uneventful and I didn't do much. I just felt fatigued. So I spent most of the weekend on the couch, catching up on my t.v. shows On Demand, and cuddling with my 3 precious furr kids. I was also a tad emotional for no reason at all Friday night (I think) and I have had baby fever for the past few weeks lol.
   I am just in a blah slightly complaining mood.
   On a positive note, I just remembered that me and my sister are going to see Demi Lovato in concert Friday night! So I'll try to remember that in an attempt to get through the week.
   I did have to make a trip to Target to buy a new bra. I, like most women, basically live in one bra. I have many but I'll go through phases where I'll wear the same bra almost everyday and then change to a different one and wear that one everyday. The one I had been living in was fairly new, only 2-3 months old, and Audrey chewed it a little. She mainly just chewed the lace detailing but still. So I bought a cute lightly lined burgundy one with a cute lace detail on the straps that hook in the back.
   Wow my life sounds pretty boring right now. Sorry, not much to tell at the moment, plus, my mind is blank today and I'm freezing!!! The temporary construction trailer I'm in has the thermostats on the other side of the trailer in the guys' offices and they think that they need the a/c on in 40 degree weather. WTF?!?! So a/c is blowing into my office and I don't feel like standing on a chair to close the vent nor do I want to risk falling off of a wobbly unstable chair, especially this early.
   Oh and did you know this week is Invisible Disabilities Week? This is very important to me because I have an invisible disability. You should check out
Well, I'm going to stop boring you now.
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