Meditate in My Direction

   Starting off this post a little sluggish this morning. I don't want to be at work -but gotta make that money. I am feeling nauseous. Not really sure why I'm nauseous a lot of the time (not preggers). It could be my anxiety, migraines, medications, fibro or a combination of those things. So after I take my morning cocktail aka meds (hate having to take medications everyday), I usually pop some 5 cobalt gum in my mouth and it really helps. And after lunch, I chew gum again until I am home. Well, my forgetful ass forgot to put a new pack of gum in my purse. This happens all the time and I hate it. I hate when I forget things, especially since I forget things quite often. And I can't go to the store because I have work to do, I don't feel like moving, and I have Gemma at work with me today (she loves when I bring her, perfect office dog). So yea. But tonight is the Demi Lovato concert, yay!!!
   No random lyric singing in the car but I sure did start singing almost immediately after I woke up. It was lyrics from "You're The One That I Want" again. I did repeat some of the lyrics I sang the other day but I started off singing and mainly sang:
"I got chills
They're multiplying
And I'm losing control
Cause the power you're supplying
It's electrifying!"
   Hey at least I started off singing from the beginning, but then I skipped some lyrics to this part:
"If you're filled
With affection
You're too shy to convey
Meditate in my direction
Feel your way"
   Heather, you're so random. Either my mind is trying to tell me to go watch Grease or that I want a man? Lol who knows. My mind has, well, a mind of its' own.