Life With Two

It's here.
I am a mom of two.
It has been here for a whole 2 weeks and 1 day now! Me, Abbey, a mother of multiple children. Can you tell I am going through a bit of a surreal moment? I keep thinking over and over again of my 13-year old days, babysitting for married couples with budding, young families and thinking that they were a) old people and b) so... grown up. In the most cliche of words, it seems like it was practically yesterday. And now here I am, a part of that "old" married couple clan with a budding family of my own! What?! Pinch me, people. When did I grow up?
I had my fears and apprehensions about making enough room in my heart for two kids, but that is old news. I admit, I occasionally find myself missing the Luke and Abbey only days, because it is just... different. But different in the best way possible. Wrinkly grannies and seasoned mothers used to spout off on how "you won't be able to remember how it was before they came, dearie!" and I truthfully didn't feel that way when we had Luke. I fondly reminisced about my carefree days of walking out the door, unbound from car seats and diaper bags. And oh, the sleep! How I longed for the sleep that would forever be robbed of me for the next 18+ years. But not this time around. Luke settled us in to the whole parenthood gig beautifully, and welcoming Wesley was nothing short of spectacular. I honestly cannot remember what life was like without him, and I am happy to finally know that feeling (I was beginning to think there was something wrong with my motherhood emotions!).
Our home is more abundantly filled with love. Life is immensely more rich and complete. Everything makes just a little more sense, and I am living the ideal I never fully understood I wanted until now.
Thank you, Luke and Wes. You're my dreams realized.
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