Letting Go And Choosing Gratitude

"I like the concept of letting go. It’s mostly where I find joy, calm, peace and purpose. It’s so much easier than chasing. And so much more effective. Rather than chasing happiness, the Buddhist philosophy suggests that we simply choose to let go of that which makes us unhappy. The very notion of chasing something has a sense of urgency about it, doesn’t it? And, of course, with urgency comes anxiety. And with anxiety comes illness. And with illness comes unhappiness...
Maybe it’s time to stop looking and simply let go of everything that isn’t us? When I let go of everything I am trying to do, be, create and own, there I am. And while I might do, be, create and own much in my life, I am none of those things and they are not me. I can’t be found in things. And neither can you."
Isn't that the truth? I happened upon those words while reading this article and I felt it to be so appropriate for this holiday weekend and my life in general lately. For one reason or another, I find myself running to do more, pushing myself to the next unnecessary level. And frankly, I'm running out of breath. I don't need more. In fact, I need less and to simplify.
I am so grateful for this time of year because it forces my materialistic and mopey attitude to take a swift one-eighty and to relish in the good. I have heaping amounts of things to be grateful for, and I truly feel so blessed with my life. Not my idea of what my life needs to look like, but for who and what I've become, and the people who have contributed in that molding and refining process. Life's a treasure.
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