If I Stay and The Giver.

   So this past weekend, my sister and I took our puppies to get spayed and we saw two movies. My sister's puppy, Eleanor, is mainly Pug with a little tiny bit of Beagle but she looks like a purebred black Pug. Audrey is a purebred English Bulldog. They are the same age but Audrey is one day younger. Eleanor takes all that medical stuff like a champ but my poor Audrey was in some pain. Luckily the medication they sent home has worked for her pain. She has been extra affectionate and cuddly and I have been letting her sleep in my bed with her big sister and brother.
Now onto the movies. We saw If I Stay and The Giver. Keep in mind, I didn't read either of these books. If I Stay was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. BEWARE, it is definitely a tear jerker! My sister isn't very emotional and she cried in the movie theatre and of course me being the emotional one, I was bawling my eyes out. Chloe Mortez did a phenomenal job in this movie. I mean she nailed it on portraying the character's emotions. If you don't mind the crying, I recommend seeing it.
The Giver. I wasn't interested in seeing this movie really. Most people have read the book in school but I did not. So I was a little apprehensive going into this movie without reading the book first. I just kind of thought that this was one of those movies where you have to read the book first but I was wrong. It was the next movie playing and our puppies weren't ready to be released to go home, so we had some time to kill and we had already went to Petsmart and Petco and spent lots of money on all of our dogs. Anyways, I thought this was going to be a boring movie but I actually really enjoyed it. And it was a nice change from being an emotional wreck like I was earlier from watching If I Stay. Oh and Taylor Swift makes an appearance in a small role. You really should go see both movies.
Well that's all for now.
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