How To Prevent Baby Fever This Holiday Season

Christmas card photos are officially complete, and that means I've spent my evening editing and comparing photos from past years. How do I have two HUGE boys already?! It's not fair. No way, Jose.
While getting them ready for bed tonight, I dressed Wes in Luke's Christmas pajamas from last year. I remember putting them in the closet a few months ago thinking, There is no way he will fit into these by Christmas! Sure enough, he fits them—and fills them out. Like a tank.
Needless to say, the baby fever is STRONG tonight. (<<< All caps and italics. That's how bad it is, people.) Looks like I better take my own advice in this article I wrote for What to Expect. You hoping the baby fever will skip you this year? You struggling to stay immune? I've got you covered, girl. Grab your how-to guide here.
Good luck! Let me know how it goes for you! ;)
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