Hello, I'm Fine.

Me again.
Yesterday two different friends each told me to update my blog.  I realize I'm doing a terrible job of blogging daily. I think I get nervous about what to say sometimes which is silly because if you knew me in real like you would know that me not knowing what to say sometimes will not stop me from talking. But here I am now. I almost feel like because the past couple of posts were filled with me being so anxious and whiny about the current state of my studio practices it seems weird to come here now and say, "Hi, I'm fine." but I think I finally am fine. But it's not in this grand epic way. I can't present to you a million things that I have been creating. After so much great advice from so many of you I finally just made myself chill out and let things be what they are.  It's in my bones to make things so I know I haven't lost the desire. I just have to get some things mentally moved around in my brain.    
My friend
Bryanne Shop Gift For Girl And Gift For Boy
and I, who I could go on for days about how neat she is, had a great talk once about people who live their lives in the most beautiful way possible. I don't mean people who are super rich and can live in mansions and wear gold everything and own a panther for a pet. I just mean people who take the time to put a bouquet of flowers on their table when serving a dinner, or sitting out a beautiful display of pumpkins as Bryanne has done below... Small details that make ordinary moments feel more special. I admire people who are so good at doing that. I think I sometimes take the lazy way out instead when I could do a tiny bit more to add a special touch.  This is something I am working on which I think will help me get the creativity flowing again.  My friend
had given the advice of always lighting a candle when I go into the studio and I love that suggestion because it is another way to make everything feel... extra.
One thing I need to do for myself is to vow to put the phone down for at least a couple of hours a day.  Having so many apps and distractions right at my fingertips is tough.  I have been thinking about this for a while and know it is something that I need to do.  Maybe nightly I will instate a no telephone rule between the hours of 6-9.  I can give my phone to my husband who I know will gladly keep it away from me.  That may be the biggest thing I can do for myself. Because right now facebook has this addicted app that scrambles every thing you have ever written and creates statuses for you. Sometimes they are comedy gold. Like this one:
So these two things are my plan. No phone and do something extra to make small moments more special.
I'll let you know my progress.
Have a good day.  I wish you could respond out loud and I could hear because I want to say to you... enough about me... how are you? feel free to answer below. I miss you.