Health Update

   Ok, so I wanted to update you all on my newest health discovery adventure? Um yea "newest health discovery adventure" doesn't exactly describe this well and kind of makes it sound fun- which it is NOT!
   I've been seeking answers about my health (not mental health related) since about 2012 when everything had just continued to get worse and worse and worse, that I finally decided to start seeing Doctors in order to find out what is wrong with me. I first visited an Endocrinologist in 2012 who was like 80, had to pee after seeing every single patient, was late, couldn't remember what he was writing down, like beyond ready to retire OLD. He didn't really give me answers. When he wasn't giving me answers after he read my blood test results I was like, well do I at least have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or something? And he said yes. He also told me to take iron supplements (which I eventually stopped taking because they literally made no difference) and magnesium pills for when I get muscle cramps (I sometimes take a magnesium supplement but the muscle cramps in my calves and arches of my feet haven't been frequently occurring lately). So yea, I didn't go back to that guy.
   I think I saw a hand specialist after the Endocrinologist but before the Rheumatologist. He said I didn't have Rheumatoid Arthritis or anything but that I did have inflammation which probably is caused by an autoimmune disorder.
   In 2013, I visited a Rheumatologist who was foreign and a bitch. She was one of the Doctors who is like, "If nothing is wrong with your blood test results, we won't call you." I hate those types of Doctors. She said because my Dad has Fibromyalgia (among all of the other health problems he has) and because of the symptoms I am experiencing, I have Fibro and to tell my Psychiatrist to put me on something like Cymbalta, which would help some of my mental health problems and Fibro pain. She also wrote a referral to go to aqua therapy. Bitch does it look like I have time and energy for aqua therapy? And I honestly don't think that would help a whole lot and if anything, it would only help my joint pain. So I didn't go to aqau therapy, never got a call back from her office, and didn't go see her again.
   Last week I saw this new Doctor who works in family medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy- whatever that is. His wife is a Podiatrist and apparently has Fibromyalgia and he's done a lot of research on it. I believe I mentioned in a post last week that he doesn't think I have Fibro and thinks I may have a sleep disorder. He gave me a prescription for a sleeping pill and he also sent me to get blood work done the next day. Well I went back for my follow-up yesterday. By the way, I don't know what to think of the sleeping pills. I've tried others in the past and I mean, I feel like I'm asleep but I still never get restful sleep- just like before. And this one seems to make me feel drowsy during the day and I'm still tired and fatigued. Anyway, so he discussed my blood test results with me, All of my blood work came back completely normal. I kind of expected that. While that doesn't give me a diagnosis, it does rule things out and kind of contradicts what my other Doctors have said. But this Doctor seems like he really does want to help me and genuinely cares. He said he is going to send me in for an MRI. I have never had one. When I was like 12 or something, I was supposed to see a Neurologist about my migraines but never did. Anyway, so yea. He wants me to have this type of MRI where they put a liquid/ dye or something through an IV in me or whatever and he's going to see if I have MS, any brain tumors, any lesions caused by migraines or anything like that. So I'm just waiting for his office to call me and tell me when the appointment to get the MRI is after they talk to my insurance. So, we will see what happens with that.
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