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Where do I even begin to spout off how much I love this wrap? There are so many amazing things about it! I've had quite a few questions from readers and friends about my favorite baby carrier, and I have to say this Happy Wrap takes the cake. I've used the Moby wrap, the Ergobaby carrier, and some other cheap carrier I can't even remember the name of, so I feel I've a good hold on different baby carrier options (the only one I haven't tried is the sling, which I hear is good for when they are bigger, but I prefer wraps while they are itty bitty, and this thing can hold up to 30 pounds).
So why is the Happy Wrap so special? A) It's extremely lightweight and breathable, although it keeps baby warm when it gets chillier. Basically it works well in all climates. B) It is made from bamboo, meaning it is organic, hypoallergenic, incredibly soft, and has amazing stretch and durability. C) It's easy to put on, the color options are awesome, and they are made in the USA. What is not to love? NOTHING. It's the Mary Poppins of baby wraps and carriers (practically perfect in every way)!
I truly, honestly love this thing and was stalking the mailbox until it arrived, so I 100% recommend a Happy Wrap carrier if you are looking to do the whole babywearing thing, which I also fully support. I would not be able to go out and get things done having a toddler in tow (let's be honest, you need like 4 sets of hands with a 2 year old alone) and I love having my hands free. Also, Wes has been having some tummy problems lately, so I've been wearing him to help keep him upright and feeling comfortable. Plus, he just is happier being right next to me. This is a good writeup of all the benefits of babywearing if you are wanting more information and considering it.
Now that you are convinced you positively need a Happy Wrap, you are in luck! I've teamed up with the lovely folks at Happy Wrap and they are so generously giving away a wrap of your choice to one lucky reader! Enter the giveaway in the widget below. Good luck!
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