Happy Tattoosday

    Happy Tattoosday! You know what that means, right? It means Ink Master comes on tonight. Of course I won't be watching it until tomorrow or something because I don't stay up that late on work nights. But go Dreamy Don!!! This means I will have to stay clear of Twitter until I watch the episode unless I want someone to spoil it and tell me if Don went home or not.
   So sometimes I check my Horoscope on Yahoo! and/ or my Horoscope app on my phone. I don't like live by it or anything but sometimes the horoscope makes complete sense with what is going on in my life. Today, my horoscope according to Yahoo!, is telling me to try not to spill out my whole life story today lol. Well this thing knows me well because it says I have a hard time closing my mouth once I get started- no dirty meaning behind this. And then my horoscope app says that someone who really knows how to push my buttons is trying to bring out the worst in me or something and I shouldn't allow myself to get drawn into a debate or an argument. Well, I'm pretty sure I know who that person is and he knows how to push my buttons and we get into heated arguments. So, my horoscopes advice today is to close my mouth and ignore this person. Ha we'll see. By the way... I'm a Cancer.
   I was just browsing through my emails and found one from Keep.com. One of the items it showed me to look at is from Nordstrom. I like it and kind of feel like it would be a good fit for a coffee mug for me. That doesn't mean I'm going to buy it but I thought I'd share it with you all:
   And onto the next random subject!
   Yesterday, this guy told me he wanted to check out my blog and so I gave him the url. He was surprised at how much he actually enjoyed my posts. He thought he'd be totally bored but actually found my posts entertaining. Once he read a post on the front page of my blog, he said it was so good that he kept going. He didn't read all of my posts but he did read all of the posts on the front page. And on Friday, I received a comment on one of my posts that definitely brought a smile to my face. This follower told me she likes how real I am. I'm not afraid to cuss or anything and she says my blog has originality written all over it. This is what makes my day. It reassures me that I am doing something right. That I am connecting to people, entertaining people, leaving them wanting to come back for more. Sometimes, and I know you've all been there, I wonder if my rambling posts are just that- rambling posts. But then I get comments like these and those thoughts vanish from my mind- or at least temporarily. I keep it real in my blog. I type as if I'm speaking to you over the phone or in person. I cuss, I can be inappropriate, I babble, and vent. I'm just being me.
   I want to thank all of you who follow my blog!!!
   Oh and Happy Use Your Common Sense Day!!!