Have you ever had an idea for a project and then once you started it had a huge "What have I done?" moment?  I  am feeling that right now. As I mentioned in the last post, I bought this beautiful train case last weekend and decided to give it a facelift.  I spray painted this and another small suitcase white to prime it and immediately felt regret.  What was done was done, however, so I started painting this on pink. I want to use it as a fixture in my booth so the color seemed appropriate to me.  I would like to reupholster the inside with pretty fabric but I honestly feel a little in over my head. If you notice in the picture I am using cheap paint so.... I think I am making many mistakes. But I'm not going to give up and maybe I can pull it together. Cross your fingers for me.Shop Cute Gift For Girl And Gift For Boy
On a more positive note I had a great moment yesterday where I finally figured out how to make these tissue paper tassels much quicker.  The production of these were making me crazy because it took so long and became so tedious.  Yesterday I set goals for myself and I was able to meet them with my new technique which was a simple one.... roll them up quicker. Who knew? ( :
Last night I was reminded how much I miss being in school and having critiques and constant feedback.  My friend Janey was looking around my studio and picked something up off my table and set it down on one of my unfinished dreamcatchers and I had one of those moments ( I don't want to say a-ha moment) where a million ideas came to me.  It just took one new set of eyes to make a major change. It got me thinking about critiques and how they can be so daunting for some but I always loved them. I loved getting fresh ideas about my work. Sometimes you get so stuck on something and you can't get enough perspective to make changes that can be very necessary.  I had a teacher once say that you can be so in love with your work that you don't see the bad things.  I can be guilty of that. Having an art community is so important. Lately I have been finding that community again and I am pretty excited about it and anticipate what that can mean for all of us creatively.
I would love to hear what you are doing.  Any crafting mistakes you wish you could turn back time on?    Please share so I feel better about painting this suitcase!