Guess What?

 Sweater: LOFT. Skirt: LOFT. Shirt: LOFT. Flats: Nine West. Necklace: Francesca's.
Cat's outta the bag, folks! Baby Numero Dos is on its way!
This little biscuit is scheduled to arrive November 13. Who is extraordinary at math and can tell me how many weeks pregnant that is? Okay, fine I will just tell you. I am 16 weeks, the official stage where my uterus refuses to stay in and is starting to poke out for the world to start questioning if I am indeed pregnant or just laying on the ice cream eating a little too heavy. I guess it's time to set the record straight, because the days of me hiding this bump in outfit posts are dimming quickly. Get ready for a slew of maternity fashion and baby posts!
Here is the post that has patiently waited in the dark halls of the "drafts" section of my blog, which I wrote the day I found out...
I am pregnant. What am I saying? I AM PREGNANT!!!
The date is March 16, 2013. I've been feeling sick for awhile, but I took a pregnancy test not even two weeks ago and nothing but a big, fat "not pregnant" pink stick popped up. Not exactly the answer I was searching for, but luckily I found those beloved two pink lines a mere 14-ish days later.
Goodness, I love those two pink lines.
On a whim before we ventured out to the park for a Saturday play date, I thought, "Why yes, I think taking my final pregnancy test sounds like a spectacular idea."
Oh, was it ever!
That anticipation of freakishly staring at that little piece of plastic as the pee floods it is only something other neurotic moms can relate to. It's like tiny buzzing pieces of energy whirling their way around your heart and your chest, clinging to the hope that it tells you you've another bebe to add to the litter.
That moment arrived. The buzzing zinged right out the top of my head into a booming yelp of, "Maaaatttt! It's positive!"
I buzzed and buzzed some more, and then it socked me in the face, the reality of it.
We are having another baby. There is a child in my womb! Luke is going to be a big brother!
My thoughts?
I am scared, but not scared in the first time mom kind of way. Scared in the second time mom kind of way that there might not be enough love to go around for the both of the babes. Utterly devastated that the news of a squishy pink bambino means my baby is no longer my baby. It's a funny thing. I now look upon Luke with a set of shiny responsibilities as a confidant and protector of his future sibling. All those images in my head give a new sense of maturity to this still tiny 16 month old boy. And oh is he ever going to be the best big brother this world has ever known.
Also, I can't fight the nagging sensation that this gummy bear is a little girl. Perhaps it's my psyche whispering crazy words to my internal and hormonal subconscious desires, but I just feel it. In my gut (not to be confused with my womb).
I am guestimating (such a strange and percolating word) I am about 5 weeks along. We shall see come next week!
Keeping my fingers crossed and praying extra special prayers that all is healthy and well with this fancy new life growing inside of me.
Love you, my little biscuit!