Gingerbread House

We started a new tradition of gingerbread house making this year, in addition to our cutout sugar cookies. Believe it or not, I've never made a legitimate gingerbread house in my life. I suppose this isn't 100% legitimate since the gingerbread, frosting and embellishments came in a box. Making the house from scratch would be oh so lovely, but ain't nobody got time for that!
If you couldn't tell, Luke thought the purpose of this activity was to shovel the candies into your mouth as fast as humanly possible. Also, if frosting were drinkable, Luke would be chugging it.
So, the real question is, do you ever eat your gingerbread house after making it? Or is that gross? Is it simply decorative? Sorry, I don't know these things --I am a gingerbread house amateur. It smells really good, meaning I am this close to taking a massive bite out of the side right after Luke does.
P.S. Isn't Wes the chubbiest dubby in the land?! I am definitely taking a bite out of those chubbins.
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