Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins Giveaway

Raise your hand if you watch Shark Tank. Yes, me too. Matt and I love to hunker down with a bowl of popcorn and tune in whenever we get the chance. I've found that I come away with one of two reactions to the entrepreneurs ballsy enough to flaunt their stuff: 1) trying not to howl in secondhand embarrassment, and completely baffled as to how somebody could waste all of their life savings on such a ridiculous idea, or 2) rooting for the person with an incredible product and smiling like a doofus at the TV because someone's dreams and hard work are legitimately paying off and taking them to bigger and brighter things.
Well, scenario two was the case for Susan's darling baby moccasin line, Freshly Picked. All the sharks wanted her, which is the ultimate jackpot on the show! When I watched it I was beaming for all the wonderful things Freshly Picked had in store.
If you are a reader or follower of mommy blogs and social media, I am positive you have seen these sweet baby shoes floating around the internet for the past couple of years. And guess what? There's a reason there is so much love for them.
Freshly Picked generously sent Wes a pair to try out, and we think they are great! (Even as a teething toy — wink, wink!) I will admit, they are a little spendy, but the leather is so creamy, and every bit of attention to detail is apparent. From the quality of the leather, down to the Freshly Picked logo stamped on the bottom sole, it's a beautiful, well-designed little shoe. If you're going to purchase baby moccasins, this is the place to do it. I ordered a size up so Wes can wear them once he starts toddling, and even though they are a little roomy, they still stay on because of the elastic around the ankles. I always do this so we can get the most out of shoes for our boys, since we usually invest a little more money into one solid pair they wear day in and day out until they are outgrown. If there is one thing I am learning as I age and try to grow up a little, it's that you can never trump quality. It's absolutely worth the extra bit, and these baby moccs are no exception to that ideology.
Lucky for one of you wonderful people, Freshly Picked is giving away a pair of baby moccasins of your choice! There are grip loads of color choices and they run from teeny infant sizes to toddler sizes. This is definitely a giveaway to enter if you have babes of your own or know a little person that would look exceptionally cute in a pair. (And isn't Wes the yummiest? The crossed hands, the chubs, that face! I could gobble him right up.)
Simply enter the giveaway in the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!
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