Flats and Toenails

   This snow is seriously driving me crazy! It needs to stop! Our snow never even got the chance to melt completely from the last time. I think we have like 10" out there. Ugh. My fatigue, weakness, and restlessness (thanks to the new medication that I want to get off of) is bad today too. Thankfully I was able to do most of the clothes in my closet room- by doing, I mean hanging and folding- which was a lot. I also packed clothes in a box to donate. Oh yea, and my doctor's appointment was cancelled and I couldn't go to work. I'm worried I won't be able to make it into work tomorrow either.
   My sister and I got halfway through the movie, The Theory of Everything, and then I got a text from my mother telling us to shovel now b/c of ice underneath the snow. I got out there and shoveled a pathway to the street and then realized how bad it was. Of course it is worse on the street b/c of the plows but I'm just thankful they finally came (probably around 1 or 2 p.m.). So I'm paying my sister to shovel. A snow blower is on my list of things to buy before next winter lol.
   Now onto what this post is supposed to be about... flats and toenails. Yesterday I read a story on
about flats (the shoes) being linked to health problems including ingrown toenails, which can require surgery. I never knew this but it definitely makes sense.
   I have had problems with my toenails for a long time, mainly my big toenails. Long story short, when I was 10, a girl was spinning on the floor in school, I was wearing flip flops, she accidentally kicked my big toenails so hard that they split in half horizontally. I never went to the doctor b/c I didn't want them pulled or cut off. So I let them heal on their own. Since then, I have an extra layer (used to be 2 extra layers) of nail on my big toenails. Every so often, the extra layer will fall off and then grow back. Certain shoes, like flats, put a lot of pressure on them, which hurts. They are also ingrown/ slightly ingrown. After reading this article, I think wearing some flats has made my toenails become ingrown or is making it worse.
   In the article, it talks about how flats, specifically pointy toed flats, push down on your toenails and the pressure causes them to become ingrown. They recommend getting flats that have a rounded or squared toe. They don't mention almond toed shoes, but I'm thinking they are fine as long as there is enough room for your toes.
   It is kind of ironic that I'm reading this article now b/c I've been looking for a cute pair of leopard print pointy toed flats. So I'm actually pretty happy and thankful I read this article before I committed to buying a pair. Rounded toe flats make my feet look weird/ I don't like the way they make my feet look. So I'm either going to have to get a pair of loafers or just buy a pair in store (I was planning to buy a pair online) and try an almond toed pair on to see if there is enough room.
   Do you think flats can cause ingrown toenails?
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