First Pregnancy Compared to Second Pregnancy

   Wow look at me- 3 blog posts in 1 week, who is this woman???
   So I decided to write a blog post comparing my pregnancies b/c as they say, "Each pregnancy is different". I seriously want to roll my eyes when Drs say that when I bring up something different about this pregnancy. I'm also a hypocrite b/c I've said this to a lot of women on my pregnancy app. I am 35 weeks and 4 days (4 weeks exactly from my c-section date!!!), so obviously there will be a few more things I haven't been able to compare yet but these are some comparisons as of right now.
1. Positive Pregnancy Test
First Pregnancy: Around 5 weeks? But then again, we weren't really trying per se, so I wasn't anxiously testing.
Second Pregnancy: I started feeling nauseous and different around 3 weeks and started testing. I would get very faint positive lines but thought my eyes were fooling me or that they could be control lines. I got my first definite positive (with the words and everything) at 4 weeks.
2. Morning Sickness
First Pregnancy: Started around 6-7 weeks. I was on Diclegis my entire pregnancy for this but while being on Diclegis, I didn't throw up anymore.
Second Pregnancy: Started around 3ish weeks before I even found out I was pregnant. I have had to be on Diclegis AND Promethazine for this my entire pregnancy and still sometimes throw up.
3. Maternity Clothes
First Pregnancy: I don't think I started wearing them until my 2nd trimester and was able to do the hair tie trick with my jeans for way longer.
Second Pregnancy: Since I got pregnant 6 1/2 months postpartum, I didn't fully stop wearing maternity clothes (like basic t-shirts and stuff that didn't look maternity and Pink Blush stuff since that accommodates your growing bump and fits you after pregnancy too). And my pregnancy jeans from my previous pregnancy got tighter a lot quicker. Oh and since I'm carrying so low, a lot of my shirts don't cover the bottom of my bump. So that limits what I can wear too.
4. Cravings/ Aversions
First Pregnancy: I craved mainly spicy food like spicy chicken sandwiches, salad with buffalo chicken+doritos+cherry tomatos+shredded cheddar+ ranch, ice cream, donuts, and candy bars. I had a strong aversion to nuts. I couldn't even hear the word without almost puking. I also couldn't eat eggs.
Second Pregnancy: I really didn't have a ton of cravings this time. I craved spicy food and spicy chicken sandwiches (but I do when I'm not pregnant too). I also craved ice cream but that wasn't until later on. In the beginning I did crave things like sour patch kids and nerds candy. I also like eating bacon and scrambled eggs on the weekend. Oh and I've craved Doritos a lot (I eat a sandwich bag full of Doritos every day at work). And I've been eating peanut m&ms lately too.
*Side Note: When I was pregnant with Rory, on the weekends for breakfast, all I wanted was tons of pancakes or french toast with tons of powdered sugar. With this pregnancy, I usually want bacon and scrambled eggs. If I want french toast, I eat it with syrup this time around.
5. Finding Out Baby's Gender
First Pregnancy: We found out Rory was a girl around 13-14 weeks since we got the genetic testing done. I received a phone call with the results and then told Jesse the results when he got home from work.
Second Pregnancy: We found out at my 18 weekish ultrasound. My younger sister bought 2 black balloons ahead of time- 1 with pink confetti for a girl and 1 with blue confetti for a boy. She came down from Philly and went to the ultrasound with Jesse, Rory and I. We told the tech not to tell us the gender but instead to write it down in an envelope and give it to Jen. The tech did so and the Dr came in afterwards and confirmed the gender the tech had written down and she made sure my sister knew for sure what the gender was. We went out in the parking lot where my sister handed me the correct balloon and recorded us popping the balloon/ revealing that we were having another girl.
6. Back Pain & Pelvic Pain
First Pregnancy: I think my back pain started like mid 2nd trimester.
I don't remember having a ton of pelvic pain. I had some and pressure towards the end (like last few weeks of pregnancy) but it wasn't horrible.
Second Pregnancy: Back pain started like right away. I even had to order a pregnancy support belt in the first trimester b/c of how bad my back pain was and still is.
And OH MY GOD is the pelvic/ pubic bone pain and pressure so freakin' terrible!!! I have been on the verge of tears so many times. I have experienced this since some time in the 2nd trimester and it is so bad. I take Tylenol, I sleep with a pillow folded between my legs, etc. It is just so bad.
7. Feeling Baby Kick
First Pregnancy: I didn't feel anything until like 2 days before I was 23 weeks. And Rory did not move a whole lot during my pregnancy. It was very rare for me to get those 10 kick counts.
Second Pregnancy: Some time in the 2nd trimester around 16-18 weeks I felt movement and this girl moves a lot compared to Rory. This girl gives 20-40 movements/ kicks during my NSTs. I also feel hiccups this time around whereas I didn't feel baby hiccups with Rory.
8. Baby's Position
First Pregnancy: Rory was pretty much always on my right side and she was on my right side when they delivered her via c-section as well.
Second Pregnancy: This girl cannot make up her damn mind. Throughout most of my pregnancy, she has changed from head down to breech to transverse to the middle to the right side and to the left side. But now that she has decided she is staying head down, she only alternates between being dead center in the middle and my right side.
9. Baby Dropping
First Pregnancy: 32 weeks.
Second Pregnancy: 32 weeks.
10. Braxton Hicks Contractions and Real Contractions
First Pregnancy: I started having braxton hicks around 33-34 weeks and started having real contractions at around 38ish weeks. I was in full blown labor and had Rory at 38 weeks and 4 days.
Second Pregnancy: I'd say around 24 weeks maybe even a little earlier I started experiencing cramping and braxton hicks and I started experiencing some real contractions at around 29 weeks (but nothing worrisome).
   There are a lot of similarities but also differences between my 2 pregnancies. Some days I still can't believe I'm having a 2nd baby and a 2nd girl. It is crazy!!! Were your pregnancies more similar or different?