Family Style

Me: Chambray top: Target. Pants: similar. Shoes: similar. Watch: ASOS. Sunglasses: similar.
Matt: Shirt: Target. Hat: similar. Pants: Gap.
Luke: Shirt: Target. Jeans: H&M. Shoes: Target.
(Sorry, Wes. Your outfit is a hand-me-down and there aren't even any similar items to link it to.)
Guess the title of this post would be more aptly named, "The Family Who Shops At Target Together, Stays Together And Goes Broke Together." I've said it once and I will say it again — those $1 bins are the sneakiest money wasters I've ever known. One moment you think you are simply buying a couple bucks worth of things that you've made up the lousiest excuses as to why you need them. (It has a geometric pattern and it's only A DOLLAR!) Then you get to checkout and it's like a bomb has been dropped on you.
Cashier: "$97.23."
You're all: " How much? I only bought milk and dish soap!! And a couple of lame things in the dollar bins ... Oh. OH. OHHH!"
I digress.
This post is really about how to easily add some dimension to your wardrobe by wearing prints, all while staying comfortable and practical. I personally prefer a good printed pant. It's a fun trend for the spring and summer, and pairs nicely with a roomy, plain tee (or a plain button-down for us nursing mamas) and a bright pair of flats. Throw on your favorite sunnies, a good chunky watch or bracelet, and you're good to go!
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