End of the break

it is the end of spring break and i still have this obnoxious head cold and all i want to do is lay down. i still managed to plow my way through it and get lots of new things made with lots of ideas for more making.  tonight i added 6 new things to my
Shop Gift For Girl And Gift For Boy
remember those watercolor banners that i started and then became overwhelmed by?  i was given the good advice to start with mock-up so i could get a feel for what i was doing. that idea turned into making mini banners. i got three finished and cannot wait to make more and more.
here they are. click the image to see details in my shop.
i also finished two medallion pieces. i know i said i would make five but the little mini baners started to take over my life.  once again, click image for details in my shop.
and, because i sold one of these garlands this week, i made a new one to fill it's place in the shop.
i hope you aren't looking at these pics and shaking your head at me. seeing them all together like this makes me realize that the last two and a half hours of editing was apparently all in vain because the pics are either way too red or way too blue. i swear i thought i was getting better!
i'll fix it when my head isn't pounding.
i've been obsessed with this trailer and the song in it. it's all i've been singing this whole week.  i want to watch the movie but i'm not ready for how crazy sad it's going to be. in the meantime i'll just keep singing.
[link VIDEO]
thank you for looking in on me. xoxo