Encinitas Street Faire

 (My outfit details) Jacket: H&M. Shirt: LOFT. Pants: Kohl's. Shoes: Converse.
That's right. We go to fairs with an 'e' on the end. We, or I suppose I should say I, like to act crazy and embarrass my family at such public events. We like to eat kettle corn, chocolate covered strawberries, and anything else that clogs the ole' arteries. Dead bats are contemplated as a purchase, because who doesn't need a dried up bat for good luck? Luke likes to pose like a model at any given chance, and then show his dad a thing or two about said modeling. Then traffic laws are attempted to be violated, fits are thrown, and nap time ensues.
And that's the way the Rodriguez family does the Encinitas Street Faire! Ta-da!
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