Do You Like Taking Personality Quizzes?

It all began in 7th grade. I would come home from school, drop my backpack in the nook between the wall and entry table, and run through the neighborhood and across the street to my friend's house. Instead of doing homework, we would bury our faces in the latest YM or Teen People and religiously take the personality quizzes.
My favorites, without fail, were the "Is He Crushing On You?" junk and anything and everything to do with horoscopes—the best was the special insert of the Love Horoscope Booklet: Your Love Life for the Next Year Revealed! I was convinced my life's destiny would be unveiled through those neon, glossy pages. I religiously read that pamphlet every day. I kept it stowed away with my top secret diary (lock included) and one of those glitter pencils with the fuzzy feathery toppers that hurt your hand after writing with it for three minutes, leaving a gooey film once they were sharpened down. Remember those?
Not much has changed in the department of me taking WAAAAYYYY too much stock in the tests I take on the internet, and what they can tell me about my personality. I would like to think the quality of tests I take border on the more scholarly, research-guided side of things. However, I still find it tremendously important to know which Hogwarts House I belong in, or if I am Divergent. Balance in all things, people!
(I just lost my train of thought. There is a giant green moth drunkenly flapping around somewhere in our office. Seriously. It is the size of a small bird. It's hiding behind the computer desk, and I am now typing as far away as possible so it doesn't fly into my face!! Send help! Call animal patrol!)
Okay, let's try to get back on track here.
Personality quizzes!
The best ones I have taken recently are "The Four Tendencies" and "The Big Five" personality traits. It blew my mind! You see, I am the person who—
(The bug jumped out! It climbed up the wall and then I spent a solid five minutes summoning the courage to pounce on him with a glass. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say I would not be Divergent. Or Slytherin... snakes. Ew. Yet, somehow spiders don't scare me. Where's the phobia quiz at?)
So back to the personality tests. I am the person who wants my therapist to tell me what is wrong with me and what I should do. But I hate being told what to do. You see my conundrum? I am also the person who will take a test and then demand all of my close loved ones take it too so we can compare notes and talk about our feelings for 12 hours straight. Guess who I preyed on first? Of course it was Matt!
"Sweetie, it will be a wonderful way to strengthen our marriage! We can learn new things about each other, which will make us fall even more madly in love!"
It worked. Although, I had to grab him by the collar a couple of times and demand answers as I read the questions out loud and filled them in for him on our drive home from a date. (I'm always this much fun, I promise.)
I discovered "The Four Tendencies" quiz from a Gretchen Rubin podcast, and the "Big Five" from a book review on Snoop. It was actually very informative and helped Matt and I put gather a better, more concrete understanding of the way we individually think, and how that translates in our actions with one another.
Have you ever taken these personality tests before? You should do it for a date night with your significant other, or just on your own for some introspection and self-growth! Or paranoid over-analyzing. To-may-toe, to-mah-toe.
Here is a list of my favorites! See you in six hours! ;)
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